“Crack Me” Egg Invitations

These egg invitations are great for any kind of party!

I have made them for a cute baby shower, shared the idea for a friend’s wedding, and now created a handful to invite our closest friends and family to Jaxson’s Dino-Mite celebration!

STOMP! CHOMP! ROAR! Jaxson is turning 4! Hooray!


Materials Needed:

Step 1: Blow out the eggs. This is something that I personally did and can take some time to do. I will have to talk about the full details of that process another time, but basically you punch a small hole on both ends of the egg and blow all the yolk out through one side. You can buy pre-blown eggs from several sellers online. To fit the invitation into the egg, I had to make the hole a little larger, and the invites were roughly 2in x 4 in and were rolled to fit in the hole.

Step 2: Fold the boxes. Quick and easy to fold! They were the perfect size for my project.

Step 3: Stamp your message on the inside of the lid. Or outside! The great thing about these Kraft Boxes is you can decorate them in millions of ways! For this specific project I stamped “Crack Me” that way our party guests would have to crack the egg to find the invitation.

Step 4: Add a small bit of Deco Moss to the box to be the cushion for your egg.

Step 5: Close the box with moss and egg inside, tie the twine or string around your box to hold it all in place!


Be sure to leave a comment or share your own “Crack Me” egg invitations!

Pig Roasts and Piñatas

if you have been following along through my previous posts, you will notice that my Pinata making has come hand in hand with trial and error. they are not perfect. they are messy. they are bumpy. they are perfectly imperfect.

nowadays, people like to use cardboard to create fantastic shapes, and i am still over here using good old flour and water mixtures.

both are great.

so now i would like to introduce you to the luau pinata pig.


Winston was created for Jaxson’s second birthday party, the backyard Luau. the theme of this birthday was Hawaiian luau style.

luau= pig roast.

no, no. i didn’t have a giant pig roasting in the backyard for his party (though i considered it), but i did create things that fit the “pig roast” theme.

i knew i wanted a pig pinata. i was even going to throw the apple in it’s mouth to make it more fun, but decided not to go that far, for the kids.

how to make a Pig pinata:


1 balloon
6 toilet paper rolls (or you can use paper towel rolls)
pink paint/sponge paint brush
black sharpie or other marker
glue or tape


  1. i started by blowing up the balloon, tying off the end, and taping the tied end of the balloon down into a coffee mug.
  2. next, i ripped up pieces of newspaper into thin strips that i would use to create the mold of my piñata.
  3. i then mixed flour and water to create my paste. i used 1 cups flour to 3 cups water. (add more water or flour to create your desired consistency). i made sure it wasn’t too watery, however. you want to make sure the paste is a little thicker.
  4. i took a strip of newspaper and dipped it into the paste, ran the paper through my index and middle finger to squeeze off an excess paste, and placed it on my balloon, overlapping each strip slightly so there were no spaces between each paper piece. i continued this process until the balloon was entirely covered.
  5. i let this dry and harden for several hours and then did another layer, and another. i continued to move the balloon around so i was covering all sides of the balloon except for where it was tied.
  6. once i added all of my layers evenly, i decided which side would be the “belly” of my pig and laid that side up. i grabbed 4 of my toilet paper cardboard rolls and placed them where i wanted the legs of the pig to sit. i attached them with tape and some of my paper mache mixture and let it dry. I did that a few times until they were hard enough to stand alone sturdy without falling. i covered the bottom of each roll so the holes were closed. i used paper mache mixture for that as well.
  7. once our pig could stand on his own 4 legs, i flipped him over and added the ears and snout using the last 2 toilet paper rolls. for the snout, with my toilet paper roll sitting vertically, i cut it in half horizontally then took each half and cut a slit in it so it was a “C” shape. I connected both of my “C” shapes together using tape and attached it to the front of the pig’s face using more tape and paper mache. I covered the front of the nose with a piece of paper, by cutting a circle out to my paper and attaching it with more tape and paper mache. for the ears, i took our other toilet paper roll and cut that in half horizontally just as i did for the snout. i took each piece and cut out ear shapes. i connected those to the pig using more tape and paper mache mix. i took another piece of my paper and made a little tail. i twisted up paper and made a little curvy tail.
  8. once all the pieces of the pig had hardened, using a few layers of paper mache, i painted the pig with pink paint. i painted over it a few times so you could no longer see the newspaper coming through.
  9. once the paint was dry, i added the eyes, nostrils on the snout, and a little smile.
  10. i added a homemade paper lei. directions on how to make those flowers can be found here on Lia Griffith.

Jaxson named him Winston. i completed making him a few weeks before his 2nd birthday party and jaxson was in love with him. he would talk to him and pretend to feed him. i almost backed out on using him for the party because i was worried jax would be heartbroken when he was broken apart by all the mini party goers but he wasn’t. he was first up and ready to swing!



along with Winston the pig, we also had some pig roasts. and they were DELICIOUS!

how to make pig roasts:


pig mold ( similar found here on Amazon.com)
pink Wilton chocolate candy melts (found here)
pretzel rods

  1. melt the chocolate in a bowl until it is melted. use a spoon to mix and melt a little more if necessary. CAUTION: it can get very hot, so be careful. i just melted mine in the microwave.
  2. pour the melted candy into your molds and lightly tap so that you get air bubbles out.
  3. once you feel like most of the bubbles have surfaced, lay a pretzel rod horizontally across the mold and pour a little more over the pretzel. twist the rod until the candy is attached to the rod and the candy in the mold and place in the fridge for about an hour.
  4. once they have hardened, bend the edges and carefully pop your pig mold out.

i had to cut my molds so that i could lay the rods across each one without bumping into each other. i placed each pretzel rod and candy mold in a cellophane bag, tied off the end, and added a little printed note that says “pig roast”. these were a huge hit and everyone was asking for more!


this time last year was very hectic for us. we had jaxson’s birthday, an august Bahamas trip, and selling our home all back to back. we were just go, go, go. i don’t know where i found the time to pull off his 2nd birthday backyard luau, but i did it!









1st Water Birthday Bash

because he was only turning 1, i had several people ask my why i was making such a big deal about his birthday party.

well… hi, my name is rachael.

  1. everything always has to be MY way and a huge production. go big or go home! i have always loved to plan and celebrate things. i am currently in process of becoming a certified party and event planner. i even helped plan my own baby shower.. yup! that happened.
  2. my little human has an extremely large family, ranging from infants to seniors. cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends. the list is long! sometimes it is hard for me to  keep up, and i just wanted everyone to enjoy it! it was important that they all had fun and helped participate in celebrating the life of jax. my creative mind could not imagine his first birthday party being in a living room with everyone sitting in a circle starting at him… no way!

so to start this birthday bash, i had to come up with an awesome invitation idea! that is the first thing my party goers would see, so i had to make sure they got excited right away!

i found a place online that made custom order printed balloons. i knew that was exactly what i wanted. you can find similar ones here. i decided what i wanted the balloons to say and ordered! i was so excited when i received that package on my doorstep!


i took each of the balloons and attached them to a little 4×6 piece of thicker craft paper by poking two holes on either side of the balloons end and looping the string through, tying a bow at the end to hold it in place!

i then used some letter stamps that i found in the dollar section of Target to provide directions. i stamped out the words “Blow Me Up” and sent them off in cute little envelopes to all of Jaxson’s party guests!

weather in july is HOT here in utah, so i knew immediately that i wanted to have a water party. i love the outdoors and want to be outside any chance i get! because it is so hot, i ordered a blow up slide, dunk tank and a shaved ice machine from Plan-it rentals. i love that they are local and offer tons of items for rent that make any party more exciting!


i purchased green paper bags from Zurchers party store, and printed a little label that said “thank you for making a splash at Jaxson’s 1st birthday bash!” and attached each one with a string.



Costco is one of my favorite places to go for cakes.. not so much for the decorations, but i love the big sheet cakes that they make + they taste amazing!!


next, i had to get a piñata.

i must have you know, i have a thing for pineapples. actually, more than a “thing”. i love them. love is an understatement. i am straight OBSESSED. i have a whole board dedicated to them on Pinterest called “Pineapple Love“. i just love the look of them and try to incorporate them in every party! so, i searched high and low, all over the internet land, trying to find a pineapple piñata but none of them were quite what i was looking for. so finally, i searched on Pinterest and found a few cute ideas for DIY piñatas and i decided i was crafty enough to make my own. again, you might ask”why make your own when you can buy one?” please refer to explanations #1 and #2 and the top of the page. ha! i couldn’t find one that matched that picture in my head so i wasn’t going to stop until i had exactly what i wanted.

check in tomorrow to find my DIY Pineapple piñata instructions! Xo


Simply Party Planning

i love to party.

events and celebrations are my favorite. bright decorations, delicious food, good company, and lots of fun! people always ask me how i do it? what steps do i take to planning a party? here are a few:

  1. come up with a theme– first determine what kind of event you are hosting. baby shower, wedding, birthday party, bbq. the list goes on and on.  and then determine if there is a “theme”? themes help you set the map for food, decor, and everything else to make your event perfect!
  2. make the guest list- figure out how many guests you have coming. this will help determine what kind of venue you need, how much food to prepare, and other details leading up to the big day.
  3. choose a venue– now that you have your theme and a list of how many guests are invited (i usually plan on at least 50% showing up, but make sure to be prepared if everyone decides to show up!) it’s time to decide where are you going to hold your event. my favorite place is always a backyard. it is so relaxed and creates a friendly, fun environment. luckily, i have an amazing grandfather that has an amazing back yard! it has came through for every one of jaxson’s birthday parties thus far. make sure to determine if your venue can hold all of your guests. you want your guests to have plenty of room to move freely, sit, eat, and be comfortable.
  4. start brainstorming– this is my favorite part. decorations, food, music, games, prizes, etc. this is where the magic happens. when planning an event, Pinterest is my best friend. i can literally search for a “flying pig party” (really! i’ve done it before) and it will bring up a bunch of related items. some work, some don’t. but it ignites a fire in my creative brain and allows me to come up with my own ideas. i like create a board on Pinterest and start pinning anything i love or can use for that specific event. TIP: make sure you are only pinning things you are seriously considering doing, otherwise your board will be filled with things that you have to sort through again and determine what to use. TRUST ME! I GET IT. IT’S HARD. I PIN A MILLION THINGS ON PINTEREST EVERY DAY, I SWEAR! i write down exactly what i want on paper as well, that way i know exactly what is going on that day.
  5. send out invites– once you have your theme and venue picked, get your invites! my favorite place to go for invites is Etsy.com. there are so many invitation options on there, and some sellers can even make a custom one for you if you request a specific them. sometimes i get really creative with jaxson’s invites, and sometimes i just stick to the basics. some words on a card. both work fantastic and it really just depends on how creative you are feeling that day!
  6. day before– depending on the venue, i like to go start decorating and getting things ready the day before the party. this helps me plan all the last minute details out and determine what i want, where. everything else is normally the day of. decor, food, set up. it’s finally time. my nerves are high and i am running around like a crazy lady, making sure i have everything i need.
  7. PARTY!– when all is said and done, just enjoy the party. sit back, relax, and enjoy the work of art you put together. it’s not a party if you aren’t having fun!

planning is definitely a process. i put a lot of time and effort in to each party i am planning. but, at the end of the day, everyone telling me what an amazing time they had makes it all worth it.

have fun party planning, party animals! Xo



Jaxson in July

3 years.

today marks the date of my baby shower anniversary and i have absolutely no idea where the time has gone. my little is going to be three in just a few weeks and this mum is pulling her hair out trying to make sure everything is ready for his party.


to celebrate Jaxxy’s birthday month, i thought it would be fun to share tidbits about him, his interests, and snippets of his past two birthday parties, leading up to his big “Young, Wild, & 3” birthday bash happening on july 23rd! i can’t wait to share it with you all! i have been planning my heart out, trying to make sure it is #RAD!

his birthday is a BIG deal to me. as his mum, it is my one day to celebrate him. it is HIS day! the birthdays of my other future children will all have a big birthday bash to celebrate their special days.

fun fact: i want four kids.

i hope you fall in love with Jaxson throughout the month of July just as much as i have over the past 3 years! Xo