‘Tis The Season

i love this time of year. it brings everyone together. even if it is just for one day.

everyone is always in such a rush. living day to day. doing tasks like busy little bees. we get so caught up in everything that it can be hard to make time for the ones you love most.

this sweet family is one that i can call my own. they have the biggest hearts and are always there for me when i need them. i couldn’t be more grateful to have these four in my life and enjoy any day i get to spend with them!

through this crazy holiday season, take a minute to tell your family and friends that you love them! Xo



Cookies & Milk Mini Session

every year i tell myself THIS year will be different. i will get my holiday shopping done early. i will not go overboard on Jaxson. i will have everything ready to go and will be able to relax this holiday season.


i have purchased ONE item. and it cost $50. and it was for Jaxson (of course)…. there will be no relaxing until AFTER Christmas.

maybe next year?…

one of my favorite traditions, one that i will start doing with Jaxson, is putting out cookies and milk on Christmas eve. Santa deserves it after all that hard work he has to do in one night!

i created this cookies & milk mini session, based on my  love of the tradition and it turned out so cute!  these kids are the sweetest bunch ever. but those poor babies were freezing!! it was a bitter 28 degrees outside! they did an amazing job and got us the simple shots i wanted.

there is still time to get a mini session in before Christmas! indoor or outdoor options are available. see my “Contact Me” page for more details!

don’t forget to put out your cookies and milk. santa deserves it! Xo..