Rob + Shelbie

when Shelbie contacted me and asked me to take her engagement photos, i just couldn’t say no! i was more than thrilled to be given this opportunity. she told me they wanted a mountain type scene and she had a surprise. Gwendlyn. Gwendlyn??

oh yes, G W E N D L Y N. the car. a rock climbing car. and i had never been in one before, nor have i ever photographed one.they wanted to incorporate the car in a few of their pictures.

they came with open minds and were so full of fun  that I think we accomplished exactly what we were after… a fun, relaxing feel. can I just say that getting to know these two and spending an evening photographing them, i built new friendships. they are such amazing people! i adore my clients and the trust that they have in me to capture their special moments. so honored!

Rob and Shelbie, thank you both again for the opportunity! you two are wonderful and such fun to photograph! thanks for such a good time and tons of laughs! i hope you enjoy these…i sure do! Xo





Magical Engagement

sun, Disneyland, and the much needed family time.

steve has been planning to propose to Kaycee for quite time. Kaycee loves Disney. her dream was to get engaged in front of Cinderella’s castle at Disneyland, so Steve knew the timing was right.

the day was hot. the crowds were large.

we were standing in line for a ride and Kaycee was away feeding her little babe. i asked Steve what the plan was because we already discussed me taking some pictures. he wasn’t really sure. he wanted it in front of the castle. he wanted Mickey Mouse there. he wanted it to be perfect. but there wasn’t anything set in stone. so, I said we need to hurry and go to Disneyland’s City Hall right now. we jumped out of line and ran through the crowds to get to City Hall. the rest of the family was still on the ride. we didn’t know where Kaycee was sitting so we were terrified that she would see us running around.

we finally got to City Hall. the line was ridiculous. we quickly asked someone if there was anyway that we could get to someone quicker and received a discouraging NO. Steve and I looked at each other and said “okay, we are just going to do our own thing then.”

we ran all the way back to the ride that the family was on. hiding along the way, trying not to be spotted by Kaycee. we got back to the ride just in time to meet the family as they were exiting the ride.

it was set. we discussed that we would have the family walk right in front of the castle and it would work great. i secretly told everyone to form a casual half circle around us so that I could snap some pictures without people walking right in front of me.

it finally was time and nerves were high. everyone knew it was coming except Kaycee.

Steve got down on one knee in front of the castle and made Kaycee’s day that much better. The crowd of cheerleaders that we near us cheered and the family all shared hugs, smiles, and tears of joy!

Disney really is magical.. Xo