Jaxson in July

3 years.

today marks the date of my baby shower anniversary and i have absolutely no idea where the time has gone. my little is going to be three in just a few weeks and this mum is pulling her hair out trying to make sure everything is ready for his party.


to celebrate Jaxxy’s birthday month, i thought it would be fun to share tidbits about him, his interests, and snippets of his past two birthday parties, leading up to his big “Young, Wild, & 3” birthday bash happening on july 23rd! i can’t wait to share it with you all! i have been planning my heart out, trying to make sure it is #RAD!

his birthday is a BIG deal to me. as his mum, it is my one day to celebrate him. it is HIS day! the birthdays of my other future children will all have a big birthday bash to celebrate their special days.

fun fact: i want four kids.

i hope you fall in love with Jaxson throughout the month of July just as much as i have over the past 3 years! Xo