K+S | Butterfield Canyon UT


i’m back. i’ve been kicking myself in the arse telling myself to get back to what i love doing but the holidays caught me like i catch my little human pulling cookies from the cookie jar.red handed. i have been flying around in a mad frenzy trying to prepare for Thanksgiving and now Christmas! i cannot even believe it is almost 2017!

utah is rad. some of the most beautiful places are right in our backyard! i love watching the seasons change and being able to take in the most amazing scenery around us!

i had such an amazing time shooting this beautiful couple in Butterfield Canyon. nothing but laughs and smiles the whole time.

thanks guys for such a good time and i hope you enjoy them as much as i do! dsc_3069editdsc_3098editdsc_3125editdsc_3147editdsc_3159editdsc_3160editdsc_3165editdsc_3184editdsc_3195editdsc_3213edit

Birth Story: BrynLee

birth is very raw and unedited.

today was such a humbling experience, being able to share the birth of my niece BrynLee.

being able to witness two amazing people become parents was amazing. and yes, i cried!

being a mother to my own little, i had a deep heartfelt emotion for the birthing mother. it brought back all the feels i had when bringing Jaxson into the world 3 years ago.

i cannot thank them enough for allowing me to be apart of their special day.

it was beautiful. it was perfect. it was nothing short of amazing. Xo












Somewhere In A Desert

there is something about being in the desert that drives my soul wild.

when life gives you desert, you have a mini photo sesh.

scroll down to see the full video of us Making Memories..


“Desert sunsets. The sun and earth always seem larger. Wilder. Brighter. More demanding. More silent. Somehow more certain.”- Victoria Erickson





The Big Day //Aspen Landing Wedding

i have adored Robby and Shelbie since my first shoot with them. the minute Shelbie contacted me  needing a photographer i knew i had to shoot her wedding! Robby and Shelbie are both so loving, so vivacious, and so funny. they are  full of life and joy whenever i see them. i loved photographing the engagements and bridals, and it was such an honor to photograph their Aspen Landing wedding this month.

cheers to celebrating their big day! Xo







Her Day

there is nothing i love more than capturing photos (other than my little human, of course). i find so much inspo from other photographers. i swear, i envy every photography out there. they each have their own unique twist that makes them amazing! i am always ready to try new things in each session i have.

outdoor sessions are always a favorite of mine. because we live in the great city of Salt, there are endless mountains and surroundings for me to choose from. but, when Utah weather doesn’t want to work in my favor, then we have to move indoors!

Utah hated us on the day of Shelbie’s bridal session. it had some of the darkest and most gloomy clouds i have ever seen! the lightning was bright and the thunder was loud. there was no way we were going to take her beautiful dress outside. not happening.

so i searched high and low until i finally found a studio that i absolutely loved! pure white rooms are my favorite and i am so pleased with how her bridals turned out.

i can’t wait to capture photos on her big day! Xo


How gorgeous is Shelbie’s dress from David’s Bridal?!


how did he propose to you?- Robby proposed to me on a Moab trail called “Steel Bender” over Black Friday in November. i had no idea it was coming but he made it perfect! he took me on a hike up above all of our friends and got down on one knee while he told me to look at the sunset. i turned around and there he was! he made it a day to remember, that is for sure! i cried and was in shock!!DSC_1013EDITDSC_1027EDIT

what advice do you have for new bride’s planning their wedding? – my advice: get all the BIG things done right at first and the small stuff going as the months go on! then the weeks leading up to the day can actually be enjoyable and you can be excited for them! also remember, it’s YOUR wedding and your ideas as a couple are the only ones that matter! don’t let other people’s ideas persuade you from making your own decisions. JUST HAVE FUN WITH IT! DON’T STRESS!DSC_1032EDITDSC_1041EDITDSC_1149EDITDSC_1158EDIT




Braxton, Senior 2016

meet Braxton.




high school senior. class of 2016.

he had me laughing throughout the entire session. he was such a great sport, had an amazing smile, and stuck through it all, even when I took just a few more after I promised that ‘these’ were the last ones… JUST ONE MORE.

it was such a pleasure getting to know him and his mom. i don’t think it is possible to not instantly fall in love with this family. i know i did!

enjoy! Xo