Simply Party Planning

i love to party.

events and celebrations are my favorite. bright decorations, delicious food, good company, and lots of fun! people always ask me how i do it? what steps do i take to planning a party? here are a few:

  1. come up with a theme– first determine what kind of event you are hosting. baby shower, wedding, birthday party, bbq. the list goes on and on.  and then determine if there is a “theme”? themes help you set the map for food, decor, and everything else to make your event perfect!
  2. make the guest list- figure out how many guests you have coming. this will help determine what kind of venue you need, how much food to prepare, and other details leading up to the big day.
  3. choose a venue– now that you have your theme and a list of how many guests are invited (i usually plan on at least 50% showing up, but make sure to be prepared if everyone decides to show up!) it’s time to decide where are you going to hold your event. my favorite place is always a backyard. it is so relaxed and creates a friendly, fun environment. luckily, i have an amazing grandfather that has an amazing back yard! it has came through for every one of jaxson’s birthday parties thus far. make sure to determine if your venue can hold all of your guests. you want your guests to have plenty of room to move freely, sit, eat, and be comfortable.
  4. start brainstorming– this is my favorite part. decorations, food, music, games, prizes, etc. this is where the magic happens. when planning an event, Pinterest is my best friend. i can literally search for a “flying pig party” (really! i’ve done it before) and it will bring up a bunch of related items. some work, some don’t. but it ignites a fire in my creative brain and allows me to come up with my own ideas. i like create a board on Pinterest and start pinning anything i love or can use for that specific event. TIP: make sure you are only pinning things you are seriously considering doing, otherwise your board will be filled with things that you have to sort through again and determine what to use. TRUST ME! I GET IT. IT’S HARD. I PIN A MILLION THINGS ON PINTEREST EVERY DAY, I SWEAR! i write down exactly what i want on paper as well, that way i know exactly what is going on that day.
  5. send out invites– once you have your theme and venue picked, get your invites! my favorite place to go for invites is there are so many invitation options on there, and some sellers can even make a custom one for you if you request a specific them. sometimes i get really creative with jaxson’s invites, and sometimes i just stick to the basics. some words on a card. both work fantastic and it really just depends on how creative you are feeling that day!
  6. day before– depending on the venue, i like to go start decorating and getting things ready the day before the party. this helps me plan all the last minute details out and determine what i want, where. everything else is normally the day of. decor, food, set up. it’s finally time. my nerves are high and i am running around like a crazy lady, making sure i have everything i need.
  7. PARTY!– when all is said and done, just enjoy the party. sit back, relax, and enjoy the work of art you put together. it’s not a party if you aren’t having fun!

planning is definitely a process. i put a lot of time and effort in to each party i am planning. but, at the end of the day, everyone telling me what an amazing time they had makes it all worth it.

have fun party planning, party animals! Xo



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