Day At The Pumpkin Patch

this time of year is seriously my favorite
who doesn’t love fall

jax loves going to the pumpkin patch

wagon rides, animals, slides, food, lots of pumpkins, and playing in the dirt
what little boy wouldn’t enjoy that

the pumpkin patch is a huge field full of discovery
our favorite tradition is going to find the perfect pumpkins

we were a little late going this year
normally we go the first day it opens, but i have been so busy!

i look forward to little moments like these every year and i always make sure to capture the memories!




30 fall fun activities!

fall is here! so get out there and enjoy that crisp, cool air and all the beautiful colors!

i love fall and i love to make lists, so i thought i would share my to-do list for others to use! i make a new one for every season. it helps me keep track of all the fun things i want to do with Jax. we hang it on our refrigerator or somewhere we will always see it, that way it motivates us to do them! we have completed a few things from our list already, but we still have many more to check off. we hope you enjoy! be sure to check out my Pinterest for even more great fall DIY ideas!

leave a comment and tell us what some of your favorite fall activities are!



  1. visit the state fair  
  2. make caramel apples
  3. pumpkin patch 
  4. make homemade chili
  5. go apple picking
  6. friendsgiving
  7. take family photos
  8. go to a corn maze
  9. drive alpine loop
  10. go on a hayride
  11. eat pumpkin pie
  12. watch football 
  13. go trick or treating!
  14. make s’mores
  15. oktoberfest
  16. bake chocolate chip pumpkin cookies
  17. carve pumpkins!
  18. have a bonfire
  19. drink pumpkin spiced lattes
  20. throw a halloween party
  21. drink apple cider
  22. make pumpkin spice krispie treats
  23. apple art with Jax!
  24. go to wheeler farm
  25. Boo at the Zoo
  26. gingerbread haunted houses
  27. witchfest at gardner village
  28. go to the farmer’s market
  29. park silly 
  30. make a thankful list

Birth Story: BrynLee

birth is very raw and unedited.

today was such a humbling experience, being able to share the birth of my niece BrynLee.

being able to witness two amazing people become parents was amazing. and yes, i cried!

being a mother to my own little, i had a deep heartfelt emotion for the birthing mother. it brought back all the feels i had when bringing Jaxson into the world 3 years ago.

i cannot thank them enough for allowing me to be apart of their special day.

it was beautiful. it was perfect. it was nothing short of amazing. Xo












Somewhere In A Desert

there is something about being in the desert that drives my soul wild.

when life gives you desert, you have a mini photo sesh.

scroll down to see the full video of us Making Memories..


“Desert sunsets. The sun and earth always seem larger. Wilder. Brighter. More demanding. More silent. Somehow more certain.”- Victoria Erickson







i am here to tell you all about Microblading and my recent experience with it. i am already absolutely obsessed with mine and they aren’t even healed yet. Kahli is an eyebrow god. I swear. She definitely knows what she is doing! if you have instagram, look her up! @kahli5150

if you are like me, you too do not understand how to “fill” in your eyebrows using a feathering technique. WHAT??  i don’t even know what that means. i was TERRIBLE at eyebrows.

i put together a little Q&A for anyone that, like me, is a first timer and not so sure about microblading. now that i have done it, i would definitely recommend it to anyone!




Q. Does microblading hurt?

A. i truly think this depends on the person. to me, it felt like scraping. Kahli also put numbing cream on throughout the procedure that helped take the pain away too.

Q. How long does the process to take?

A. the whole process took about an hour and a half from start to finish.

Q. How long does it take to recover or heal?

A. on the first day, my eyebrows were darker than normal. she directed me to use Aquaphor to help heal. avoid sunlight and saunas or other steam. the eyebrows will scab up a little bit and then peel. They will go lighter, and then the pigment I chose will surface. the total process should be healed in just a couple weeks.

Q. Will my eyebrows look fake?

A. NO! to me, the lines were so fine that they look the same as normal hair would. it looks like i just went to a really, really good brow artist.

Q. How long does microblading last?

A. Kahli set me up for a touch up a month from my original procedure date. once i do the touch up, my brows can last up to 12 months.

Q. How do you pick a shape or color?

A. she started by placing a sticky ruler on my head. yes, ladies and gentlemen. she doesn’t just go for it. its calculated to fit the shape of your face and be even. she asked me if i wanted a more natural look or more defined. she took me to the mirror to see the shape she drew out and determine if that was what i wanted. she also picked four different shades of color for me to choose from. we discussed and she gave her input to make sure i completely understood what i was choosing.

Q. Will they fade?

A. when i first walked out, i swear i had the angriest eyebrows on the planet. it definitely made me nervous. she said that may last for up to a week. then they will fade and become really light once the scabs peel. once the scabs come off, the natural pigment will surface and it will be the color i chose.

Q. What if I don’t like it?

A. i didn’t really ask Kahli this question, because i really do love mine. BUT in the event that you might not like yours, this is semi permanent makeup. it will fade over time.


if you are considering microblading, all i can say is DO YOUR RESEARCH! look at previous work, read up on it, and ask questions! i think you will fall in love with it just like i did! Xo



DIY Candy Kabobs


since the theme for Jaxxy’s party is “Young, Wild, and Three” i decided to throw a lot of “wild” things in to the mix. not jungle wild, but crazy-thinking, wild. wild as in nothing-really-fits-a-theme, wild.

one of my additions to the upcoming party was DIY candy kabobs. they are fun, colorful, and SO easy for anyone to make! + no grilling experience necessary!  i couldn’t wait to share it, so i had to post before his party this upcoming Saturday!

Items Needed:


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  1. take one of your skewers and get it wet with your water. i found this to be an effective step, because the candies would get stuck or not drag down as easily if i didn’t add water first.
  2. with pointy side up, slide candy pieces down your skewer. leave a little room at the bottom to hold the skewer.
  3. continue sliding candies down, and applying water as needed to the skewer, until your skewer is full. i placed a star at the top of each of ours so the party goers wouldn’t get poked!
  4. place each skewer in one of your treat bags and tie the end tightly so your candies don’t get dried out.


you can add all kinds of candy to fit your theme which makes it fun for any party!

i am getting so excited for jaxson’s party, i cannot even stand it! #3moredays!! Xo